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Cable recycling 

Throughout Europe we purchase several hundred tons of cable waste every year. Mostly from the electrical industry, demolition companies, the automotive industry and disassemblies.

We ensure that such cable waste is disposed of in an environmentally conscious and professional manner. The cables are processed in the most modern way in order to extract the copper. For this purpose, the cables are either get peeled to separate the copper from the plastic or shredded and granulated in latest granulation plants. 

In the form of granulate or millberry, the cooper is given to be melted down in smelting plants. There new material is created from the copper and thus the economic cycle is promoted. Also, the plastic is melted down and processed into new material. 

Here are a few examples of cable scrap we buy and process:

  • mixing cable
  • stranded cable 
  • plug cable
  • peelable cables
  • power cable
  • rubber cable
  • aluminum cable
  • reinforced cable scrap
  • single wires and conductors
  • and much more   

Processing and Services: 

  • Container provision possible
  • Pick-up of our own trucks or forwarding transport agencies of our trust
  • Cable scrap on wooden drums can be unwound by us using machines and the 
    wooden drums can be returned undamaged.
  • Grid boxes/pallets can be exchanged
  • Cable scrap purchase possible after evaluation
  • Cable scrap purchase possible after immediate purchase      

We are happy to purchase your cable scrap at market prices. Please ask us for prices and we will submit you an offer. 

Please contact us if you would like to offer us something.