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Cable trade

For several years our company has been trading with cables /lines and their remainders, we buy these throughout Europe at utility prices. The products are mostly exported to North Africa and Eastern Europe to be reused in these countries. Material that cannot be sold is added and processed in our in-house cable recycling plant. 
There is interest in new goods, older stocks, faulty products and short lengths from 3m upwards. In the form of drums, rings, spools, barrels, and much more. 

The cables do not have to be guaranteed, neither ROHS or CPR compliant. 

If cable drums or coils are needed again, they can be unwound by us using machines and returned undamaged. 

Here are a few examples of cables & wires that we buy throughout Europe: 

  • power cables 
  • installation cables 
  • flexible cables
  • telecommunication cables 
  • control cables  
  • electronic cables 
  • data cables 
  • fire alarm cables 
  • Single cables and stranded cables 
  • FROR cables/ wires 
  • and much more 

If you have anything to sell, please contact us and we will make you an offer. 

Please visit this homepage again soon. Thank you very much for your interest!